Where is your map taking you?

April 16th, 2015 | no comments

Where is your map taking you-

Written by Tribe Leader, Lucille Rogers

I’ve spent a number of hours in the last four months with a good old fashioned paper map (folded to the right ‘bit’ for where we’re headed) and google maps running on the phone for the ‘where we are now and what happens next’ view on my lap.

Dotted amongst the heart stopping, life defining, and generally awesome experiences I am sharing with my family on the road for a year, there have of course been some less than ideal moments. As it turns out, navigating and the tools that support us finding our way anywhere (even the supermarket) are game CRITICAL!  So when the GPS fails (she likes to take breaks at critical moments), or we’ve taken the left turn too early only to find ourselves in a labyrinth of one way systems that seems to eat you whole or road works means the GPS doesn’t know what to do with herself, things can get a little hairy.

All this map gazing, studying and dedication to directions has also provided hours of time thinking about my own mapping. My life mapping.

Where am I going?

What am I doing, how am I doing it and why?

What’s next?

How will I get there?

Clarity is a central theme for me this year.  Getting clarity on ‘where to after this, what’s important and how do I want to feel?’

Just like my daily navigating on this road trip I have realized the importance for me of both the big picture map and the GPS with its step by step instructions.

Deciding to make this trip happen, to live like nomads for a year and share Europe with our kids, was as much an expression of choosing to live consciously as it was the taking the adventure itself.

Conscious choices. Conscious living.

Feeling ALIVE everyday vs numb.

The big picture map helps me to see where it is I’m headed.  I really struggle with the GPS steps (the every day ‘what to do’s) if I don’t understand where they are taking me.  Somehow they don’t seem to have any relationship to the destination.

We made our Best Life Declaration for you to help you map out your big picture.

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Dig in lovely. Get clear. Know what you want and want it with all your heart.

Once you have the big picture pegged out and are feeling clearer, the everyday actions seem to take care of themselves.  Moving forward becomes like ‘join the dots’….I need to do this today to take me closer to that….

Getting clearer myself made me realise how much I want to help others get clear.

We made this Best Life Declaration so that you can choose to give yourself the gift of your attention to stop and listen to your heart.

She knows what you want.

Tune in, map it out and start heading in that direction.

This is your life precious girl – choose to show up!

Are you clear? Do you know what you want? What is one thing you will do this week to choose to show up?  We’ve got your back on this – let us know so we can cheer you on!

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