What are your TV habits saying about you?

August 28th, 2014 | 2 comments



Written by Tribe Founder, Kate Gratwicke

OK.  It is confession time.  Hands up who else is a little bit addicted to reality TV right now?  Shows like The Block, X Factor, The Bachelor to name but a few.

The truth is I just soooo love them.  The crazy over the top scenarios … the raw emotion … the human back stories.

Fascinating, entertaining and embarrassingly addictive.

My worst habit right now is watching The Bachelor.  It feels as sinful as eating a whole tub of ice-cream in one go and I wrestle between shame and of course curiosity.  So, after another really quite appalling episode last night, I took some time out to think about what my current TV habits were saying about me and what could I learn from this current fixation.

Ah ha! …  and oh geeze!   Yep, I’m having a wake-up moment.

So often we do things that aren’t always the healthiest or wisest choice for ourselves from a place of needing something to be filled.  A deep part of ourselves is malnourished so we find another way to create a similar feeling.

Rather than chastising ourselves over our so-called ‘bad’ habits we just need to get quiet and ask ourselves what is it that we are craving more of right now.  What is our soul asking for?  What feelings or desired state of being can we create for ourselves in a more loving way?

Ask the question.  Listen (without judgement) for the answer and then identify some small sweet steps for helping you feel that way.

So, on the basis of my new found insight I am offering up some suggestions for turning your TV habits into loving habits that may sustain you through the ad breaks.

What to do if your favourite TV show right now is:

The Block Glasshouse

  • If you are watching and loving this, chances are you have a desire to do something creative, to be given a blank canvas to unleash your creative genius or simply make something aesthetically better.
  • To fill this desire for creative self-expression, find a small project that you can do in a weekend – whether it is re-styling a room in your house, finding a painting class near year or even buying yourself a beautiful leather notepad and sitting somewhere quiet to just write.

The Bachelor

  • This program crackles with the lost art of romance.  Yes, we know it is all fake and manipulative and cheesy but at the end of the day clearly you are craving more romance in yourlife – the good news is you don’t have to wait for Prince Charming you can be the initiator of romance yourself.
  • If you are single then take time to romance yourself.  Buy some beautiful flowers, light a candle before diner; even right your own love letter.
  • If like me you are a long-time married then the advice is pretty much the same –  YOU take responsibility for generating more romance in your life.  Buy your partner a ‘just because’ pressie (aren’t those the best), plan a deeply romantic night out or simply leave little love notes in all sorts of interesting places.

X Factor

  • Yea baby!  Whilst this show is in essence a singing contest, I think you are watching it because you love seeing people go after their dreams.
  • So, what is a dream you have been thinking about for a while?  A dream that both excites and scares you all at the same time.
  • Find one person who can be your accountability buddy and tell them about your dream and make a plan to give it a go.  We are cheering you on.

So, it is time for me to go off and buy lots of candles, kiss my husband passionately when he walks through the door and work on finding that blank canvas.

What about you?  Next time your reach for the remote maybe ask yourself what are your TV habits saying you need more of?


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2 people have commented
  1. Kate! I love this article and thank you for it. I actually quit watching television 20+ years ago. Here is 1 of my favorite jokes: There are 3 types of people in the world (ok, I am exaggerating)…
    1. People who make things happen, 2. People who watch what happens and 3. People who say, “what happened?”
    Of course, there is a little of all 3 in all of us…maybe a little food for thought.

  2. oh! The reason I loved your article is I have often wondered why people watch t.v., especially reality shows. Now, thanks to you, I have a much better idea. merci beaucoup. I love your brilliant insights.

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