“We do not remember days, we remember moments…”

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Written by Tribe Leader, Kate Gyngell.

I was lucky enough to be at a lunch last week with a group of friends listening to a wonderful, modern day author talking about how she began writing.

She started her talk with Cesare Pavese’s quote above and it got me thinking about how true it is that our lives are made up of a series of moments; some that stick out vividly in our memories and others that might sit in our subconscious shaping our lives and our beliefs about ourselves but that are not necessarily quite so memorable.

Whether it’s the wonder of holding your newborn baby for the first time, the sense of loss and sadness at the death of a loved one, the joy of a big goal achieved or the pain of a failed endeavour, our lives are rich with moments that make up a varied and colourful tapestry of emotional experiences.

Vividly memorable or not, it’s our emotions and reactions in these moments that create our beliefs; and our actions and behaviours are all dependent on what we believe about ourselves and our attitude to the world around us.

If we have limiting beliefs because of something that happened in the past, we can self-talk ourselves out of taking action. Be conscious of the conversations you’re having with yourself. If our self-talk is negative, it will stifle our creativity and stop us from reaching our potential. If it’s positive, we’re far more likely to step up, take risks and grow in the process.

What are you saying to yourself? And if you have beliefs that you feel may be stopping you moving forward, ask yourself, “is it a fact or an opinion?”

For example, after a number of agonising moments on stage at school, for years I told myself I could never speak in front of a crowd and that I’d be physically sick if I did!

Although it felt like that was a fact, of course it was my opinion about my own abilities. The fact is, with practice and a cup or two of courage, I can and do now speak publicly – and without throwing up!

Our beliefs shape our attitude, which in turn make us feel either good or bad. If we feel good, we’re more likely to take action and achieve the results we’re looking for. We can also make a conscious choice to remember those moments that evoke emotions of joy, excitement, love, pride and achievement. It’s these kind of emotions that raise our vibration and give us the feeling that we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

We are all remarkable.

We all have everything we need within us to make a difference to those around us, and much further afield, but it starts with us believing in ourselves and our self worth.

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