The Space Between

August 7th, 2014 | no comments

Written by guest blogger, Snow Thorner.


The Space Between

There is a space between

where I am and

where I want to be.

A yawning wide open place

that sometimes feels insurmountable.

On good days

the canyon beckons, winks and smiles encouragement to me,

conspiratorially whispering:

” We are one.

You are almost here.

Can you feel me?”

On bad days she feels like a forbidden planet,

light years away.

As if saying:  “Forget about it,

you will never make it.

Who do you think you are?

Set an easier goal for yourself.

Find a way to be happy where you are.”

“No!” I rail.

“No.  No.  No”

I will not be content where I am.

I will leap across the divide.

I remember who I really am,

reminding myself that

the gaping cavern

is really just

one small step.


About Snow Thorner:

Snow is a spiritual guide and coach with a focus on helping women attract and achieve greater fulfilment with their loving relationships.  Snow is a leader of The Love Life Angels Summit  and can be contacted at




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