The joy of turning 50.

June 18th, 2015 | 2 comments

joy of 50.2

Writen by Kate Gratwicke, Tribe founder.

A couple of weeks ago I turned 50.  5 decades.  A half a century.

It certainly strikes me as a good solid, round number.  One that surely comes with a bit of gravitas.  Certainly one that comes with extra smile lines and a few more grey hairs.

After a couple of weeks of ‘being’ in this new decade, I have decided I quite like being 50.  It feels like arriving at a fresh new place – a kind of graduation and a karmic pat on the back for successfully navigating your way to the next level.

It’s like some divine higher presence is saying, “Well done, luvy.  You made it through your 40s and we are going to reward you with a new kind of peacefulness and self-acceptance.”

Hallelujah.  That’s the kind of birthday present I want to keep.

But in all seriousness, it got me thinking … what exactly has changed?  And now that I am a card carrying member of the 50+ club – will I be able to sustain this new level of contentment or is it just a temporary haze from an amazing birthday holiday with friends in Fiji?

Then I remembered a wonderful TED talk that the magnificent Jane Fond gave on life’s Third Act.  (You can watch it here).

In her TED talk Ms Fonda challenges us to rethink how we see ageing – not as pathology, but as potential.  Not as an arc that peaks in the middle and declines with old age, but as a staircase that tracks the rise of Spirit towards wholeness, authenticity & wisdom.

Having followed Jane Fonda in ‘going for the burn’ in the 80s – I now so agree with her concept of ‘going for the staircase’ in 2015.  I truly think that is what I have experienced – a sense of arriving at the next level of wholeness and “I’m OK with who I am-ness”.

So, as and when you find yourself looking up at that next major birthday – let me tell you that the view is pretty good from up here.  It is in fact a lovely, welcoming, friendly place.

So, embrace that big step (and even those little tiny steps) because the staircase is loving with so many interesting new places to explore.

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