Thank goodness it’s not just me.

April 2nd, 2015 | 4 comments

Written by Kate Gratwicke, Tribe Leader.

You are not alone


I have been in a bit of a funk for a few days.

To be honest I am not sure exactly why.  When I try to think about it there are some logical reasons I can point to for feeling yucky such as:  4am starts driving my daughter to rowing = tiredness;  IT issues at home = frustrated hubby and teenage son; a sense of personal unease that it is March and important stuff is not yet really started, let alone done; missing my gorgeous business partner Lucille who is currently gallivanting around Europe = missing best friend.

Yep, all contributing factors – but nothing that I can examine under my own internal microscope and say … ah ha, if I just change that one thing all will be right in my world.

Nope … it just isn’t that simple – sometimes the storm clouds are just there and instead of trying to figure out what caused them it is just easier to find somewhere warm and comforting to take shelter.

The key thing here though, is finding the right form of comfort and shelter – something that will genuinely help you to feel better and not just numb the discomfort and pain.

For me that comfort and shelter came in the form of a lovely catch up with a dear friend the other morning over a cup of tea in leafy Wahroonga.

Rather appropriately so (for my weather metaphor) it was a beautiful sunny morning and we chose to sit outside and let the sun shine down on us.

As we chatted and caught up with each other’s news I shared my funky, frustrated state of being … and then to my surprise my dear friend did the exact same thing.  She too was in a funk and relayed several similar conversations with other girlfriends.

Yeah!  Welcome to the funk club we declared and inwardly I sighed that most comforting of thoughts:

“Thank goodness, it’s not just me!”

We rather helpfully blamed the Universe and some planetary misalignment – which totally let us off the hook from any sense of personal inadequacy.

We laughed at the synchronicity of our dark moods and helped each other see that the end of our respective funks wasn’t too far away.

Our conversation wasn’t about about fixing anything or even getting to the source of our respective problems – it was simply about feeling fully heard, connected and empathised with.

Simply remembering that I am not alone and bringing my struggles out into the day light with a like-minded soul was the best comfort of all.

A cuppa tea and a wholehearted connection was all I needed for the clouds to begin parting.  What a relief … sunny days ahead.

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  1. Dearest Kate. I know exactly how you feel … Remember “divine guidance often comes when the horizon is the blackest” Gandhi. This has been my experience for sure! Love you lots xxx

  2. And how lucky am I -on my morning walks to share my funks with you. You are a shining light dear Kate.

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