Sit still long enough to listen.

November 30th, 2015 | no comments

SitStillWritten by Lucille Rogers

We are packing up this week to start our journey back to Australia. A jumble of emotions seems to take over every day. It is a year next week since we left Sydney. This time has taught me so much however what I am most grateful for is the endless summer spent here in the Algarve. There was nothing else to do but tune in. This was the summer I found my home again. My home inside myself. The summer I relearned who I am and what is really important to me.

Less is more.

I want to live a simple but good life.

I am my own house.

I never want to stray from my truth again.

Knowing what freedom and abundance feel like and I want to feel them everyday – like EVERYDAY.

That being less busy allows me to be present with myself and the people I am with – more of that too please.

That leading my own path to freedom is something I want to share with others.

Helping others find their freedom is what I want to DO.

All this clarity and I am so grateful.

And all this clarity happened while we lay in the sun, swam in the pool and soaked up the beach (my church as it turns out), ate sardines washed down with chilled local wine, spent days on end in our cozzies, hats and flip flops, laughed with family and friends around our candle lit table, celebrated birthdays, camped on the beach under the stars, slept on the roof terrace, walked the dogs, munched on dozens of pastel da nata, snatched daytime snoozes in the shade of the garden, bbq’d the freshest fish, ate figs from the trees in the garden, slurped on buckets of icy G&T’s, shopped for local fresh produce at the market and let the view from our villa on the hill stamp our hearts forever.

I get why we needed to come away. Old needed to be left behind to make way for new. New that was of course in me all along and just needed all that sunshine and stillness to blossom, to speak up and be heard. Got it. Never forgetting it. Committed to living big, free, expanded and divine everyday. Committed to helping others do the same.

This is my best life.

This was my summer of 2015.

My deepest wish for you this upcoming holiday period is that you are able to create your own space for some tuning back into you. I absolutely believe that as more of us take the time to listen in and become intentional in all our choices, we lead the way for others to do the same. What plans have you made for ‘sitting still’ over the break? Is there something new knocking on your heart for 2016 that just needs you to listen in to it?













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