Remember to laugh

November 5th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Tribe Leader, Kate Gyngell

Remember to laugh2

How often do you laugh? And I mean really laugh, until your sides ache and you can’t speak?

I was watching a particularly funny episode of QI with my husband and 3 children last week and it was such a joy to hear and see everyone laughing hysterically together. It’s wonderfully contagious and it made me realise we really don’t laugh together enough. Similarly, I was on a Skype call with my older brother recently that ended in helpless giggles and tears streaming and I remember thinking afterwards how good it felt.

Laughter helps us physically as well as mentally. It relaxes us and boosts our immune systems. It can even reduce pain.

I know our kids laugh a lot with their friends which is really important and comforting to know. Perhaps as we get older, we become a little more jaded and over burdened but, as the saying goes, laughter is good for the soul, and I am making a conscious effort to lighten up!

It is possible to avoid negative influences including the news on TV and newspapers which thrive on bad news stories. Bad news can be as toxic to the mind as bad food is to the body. I watch very little television these days anyway but, if I do, I choose to watch comedy.   Roaring with laughter every single day may be unrealistic but we certainly have a choice about what we fill our minds with and how we look at the world.

I had the privilege recently of watching a talk given by Dewitt Jones, a photographer for National Geographic for many years. His job was all about going out into the world and seeing and photographing what was right with it, not, as most of the news portrays, what’s wrong with it. He made a beautiful film which is the substance of his talk that you might like to watch

I know that by paying attention to the good and uplifting allows me to be in a state quicker to smile and quicker to laugh and therefore a nicer person to be around.

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