Putting Your Big Girls Panties On

December 11th, 2013 | no comments

Written by Lucille Rogers, Founder

Big girl panties


We want to share with you what it has been like to get out of our own way…you know, to actually get over ourselves feeling & thinking like we’re not (good, smart, compelling, interesting) enough, get over worrying about other people’s reactions and get over the need for perfection while chipping away at building the first Best Life Tribe platform and offerings.

This has been a tough journey for both of us over recent months and weeks as we have both waxed and waned in our confidence over getting things done. We have both been working on various pieces that have been waaaay outside of our traditional skill set and comfort zone on many occasions. Getting our heads around new technology has been a big time suck and totally had us wanting to throw tanties and behave like babies some days. There have of course been lessons along the way!

What we have learnt through the process of sticking with the tricky issues and figuring it out is that we now have more knowledge and skill than we ever would have if we had outsourced those things from the beginning.

We have had to learn to let go of wanting things to be perfect immediately and that 80% done is better than nothing done in the process of getting started.

We have borrowed a gorgeous line that we both love about putting our ‘big girl panties’ on and sucking up the less comfortable, more difficult and stretching tasks.

Without a doubt, opting out on some of this stuff, in fact opting out on this altogether would have been the less challenging path but in having each other to be accountable to and being so committed to WHY we are doing this has made sucking up the scratchy bits easier.

One of the biggest and most significant pieces of the Tribe for us is having in-built accountability in everything we do. We know what it feels like to have someone in our corner holding us accountable to doing what we said we were going to do.  In going beyond what feels comfortable and safe, with others in your corner there is often so much more joy, growth and learning. We are learning that the shiny bits are always on the other side of scratchy stuff!

In persisting in taking baby steps forward we have redefined where our comfort zones lie on many new things and that actually feels awesome! We are learning to stretch those boundaries all the time by getting out of own way and stepping beyond our stories and beliefs of what we can and can’t do.

Let us know where you need to get over yourself and put your big girl panties on? We’re here to cheer you on!

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