Prayer to the mirror

October 15th, 2014 | 1 comment

Prayer to mirror

Written by Tribe Leader, Beck Horne.

You step out of the shower.  Grab a towel.  Dry off and catch a glimpse of  yourself in the mirror.  The towel falls away.  The steam clouds swirl in a mist.

At first the clouds shroud you in softness.  Your vulnerability is exposed as they dissolve leaving a reflection full of judgement.  The look on her face is naked criticism.

Please don’t look at me like that.

You are the only one that sees the flaws through the lense of judgement.

You close your eyes and say a prayer to the mirror:

Dear mirror,

It is my wish and prayer that the girl who looks back at me does so with kindness and compassion. 

Please teach her self-love so she can teach her daughter wholehearted acceptance. 

Please may you grant her that feeling that she is enough.   

Please allow her to see what her loved ones see.  Start small.  Help her find one thing to love in that reflection and love it hard. 

Please replace the pain and judgement with love and compassion. 



Now open your eyes and look in the mirror.

Say I love you. 

Promise you will take exquisite care of what you see.

Keep that promise.

You are more precious than you will ever know.



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