Play dates aren’t just for our kids.

June 12th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Liska Turner, Tribe Leader


I am going away this weekend with 3 friends who I have known since university. As it happens we will be spending our time at a farm on the outskirts of Bathurst, which is where we all met at university in the 80’s.

We have used birthdays and long weekends to catch up for dinners and the occasional family lunch. In doing so we have woven a thread through each other’s lives. Luckily this thread has strengthened over time rather than fraying at the edges.

There has however been complete radio silence since the original invitation was made and I was beginning to wonder if this girl’s weekend had dissolved into the weekend sports schedule and other family commitments.

To my delight there has been a last minute flurry of group text messages confirming arrangements. The best part has been that each off us has signed off our text with a “ I am so looking forward to this!”

It got me thinking what is it that we are looking forward to?


Time to be Liska and not Mum or Darl?

Time to sleep in on a weekend instead of standing on a sideline?

Time for slow burn conversations?

Time for silence?

Time to heal?


I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I would go on a girls weekend at least twice a year and yet I am astounded by the number of women who cross my path that have never had a weekend away from their family unless it was part of a work commitment.

To me going away is not about escaping my family rather it is making a date to spend time with myself.

“ But you are not alone. You are with other people.”, I hear you say. Absolutely correct I am with other people. But I am there as me, the individual and not the wife, daughter or mother.

These small windows give me perspective on my day-to-day life, to see the beauty and not the grind of daily living. I recharge my soul, that essential essence of me so that I give with love when I return home.

It’s been the better part of year since I have been away and I have to say I can feel it. My sparkle isn’t quite so sparkly. Time doesn’t always allow for a three or four day break so I am going to make a concerted effort to schedule some me time between now and the end of the year.

This time though it is not going to be coffees and dinners but rather an activity that takes me out of my zone physically or emotionally. Ideally both!  A long walk in a suburb I’ve never been to, a guided tour of an art exhibition, a painting class or dance class. I remember a long long time ago going to dance classes at the Sydney Dance Studio at one of the wharves down at the Rocks. So much laughter because I was so bad compared to all the others but I felt so good at the end of it!

If I get to do it with a friend that will be good but maybe what I really need to do is join people I have never met. Fresh ideas, fresh conversations and a fresh perspective on my life all in an afternoon.

Schedule yourself a day for play into your diary and commit to it.

Remember, play dates aren’t just for our children.

Yours in sparkliness

Liska x

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