Perspective from 54D

September 3rd, 2014 | 1 comment

Written by Tribe Founder, Lucille Rogers

Perspective from 54D

I’m sitting in seat 54D way above and beyond the shore lines of beautiful Australia. I am en route for a week away doing ‘my thing’ with my tribe. Heading off for a week at the annual USANA Health Sciences convention is always a treat.  This week is always a highlight in my year to soak up inspiration, stories that are pure gold and often make me cry, laughter, shopping and eating. Most importantly however, is to share an experience with girls who get me.

Any girl out there knows that getting away for a week to fill her tank is a gift. Today is also middle son’s 11th birthday. So yes, there is some guilt in the mix of how I am feeling. Guilt at missing a precious birthday and guilt of missing the workload on the home front. You see, we have a few things on the boil right now. We are midway through our campaign selling our Sydney home in preparation for next year to be spent in Europe. The timing is hardly perfect for me to waltz off and spend 9 days on the other side of the world, in a totally different time zone, focused on myself.

Here’s the thing though. I have been sent with such grace and blessing from my crew at home, that I feel I need to acknowledge that. That grace alone is a gift without value.

To stand at my kitchen bench with Mr R this morning completing a spreadsheet (he loves them!) on what happens in each room of the house for the ‘open homes’, as he calmly assures me it is all under control, is pure magic! No, it won’t be exactly as I would do it but if I am to practice what I preach about ‘letting go of the stuff I can’t control’, then this is a case in point. His generosity and grace about managing our 3 kids, their schedules, our admin, our home and his work for the next 9 days has made me see with fresh eyes why I hooked up with this guy in the first place. A keeper!

The kids have one by one graciously wished me a fun, safe and exciting trip. Not one said ‘don’t go’ and all said ‘I love you mum and will miss you but have a great time!’

And dear precious Kate who is at home keeping our BLT fires burning. More grace and more blessings wished for fun times filled with learning and inspiration. Thank you Kate!

The list goes on of course to include gorgeous friends who will help fill the gaps with kids pick ups and drop offs etc. You know who you are and I thank you!

We are all so connected. We’re in this together and for that I am so grateful. Being in it together means we get to know each other, to help each other and to trust each other. Magic happens when we collaborate.

In seat 54D, I feel like a floodlight is shining on the grace, love and friendship in my life. I can’t believe it took to be this high in the sky to stop and really notice it!

Maybe the gift of this trip is being removed from what is around me everyday so that I might appreciate it with fresh eyes and heart. Got it. Thank you.

My wish for you this week is that you can stop and notice what is gracious and good in your life – without having to go to seat 54D to notice it all!


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  1. Lovely words Mrs, and of course that husband of yours is most definitely a keeper! Together you have cultivated this warm and generous family Lucille, and that is why you are able to do what you do. On ya girl. xxx

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