More being, less doing.

November 19th, 2014 | 2 comments

Written by Tribe Founder, Lucille Rogers

More being less doing


We leave Sydney 3 weeks today for our extended family adventure to Europe next year. Excited doesn’t cut it!

You can imagine the chaos I am sure. Packing up everything into storage, all the planning and admin around going away, unpicking our lives here, all the ‘normal’ stuff still going on like meals, washing, homework and sport practice. My list is very full…in a good way!

The bittersweet bite about this week in particular is that it is my last week in BLT HQ. This business is truly letting me live my best life right now and I am so incredibly grateful for that but I will miss these girls with all my heart.

I say it is bittersweet because these girls are my tribe. These girls are sending me on my way with such love, grace and every blessing for an adventure of a lifetime but I constantly find myself wondering how on earth I am going to manage without them! It is a truly rich gift to have such wind beneath my wings and I am grateful beyond words for them and their blessings.

Something else that has struck me as bittersweet and frankly down right ironic this week has been the level of activity required to get ‘less busy’. It’s insane how much needs to be done in the next three weeks however to use Kim’s words from last week – there will be a very big full stop after that! And gin!

This adventure we are starting out on is at its heart all about learning to live with less so that we can appreciate being together and what each day brings with uncluttered hearts.

By virtue of living with less next year, as a family, we are committed to spending less time ‘doing’ and spending more time ‘being’.

I love this quote from Kate Northrup a couple of weeks ago, “I am committed to being less of a human ‘doing’ and more of a human ‘being’”. Amen to that!

Last weeks blog got me thinking about how I can take care of myself through this process of packing up, farewells and departing. I have asked myself how I can find some full stops so that I don’t get to December 10 and fall apart from exhaustion and emotion.

There are four things I am committed to right now to take care of myself and keep me focussed on being a human being rather than just a frantic human doing.

  1. Eating from a place of love for me – I am taking extreme care about what I eat right now. I am choosing to eat low GI with plenty of veg, no starchy carbs, plenty of water and eating regularly so I don’t crash in a hungry funk and eat the wrong stuff.
  2. Sleeping – I am working very hard on being in bed by 10pm. We all know how healing sleep is and I am needing every minute of mine right now.
  3. Moving – I am doing some form of exercise every day whether it be skipping, yoga or walking. This keeps me sane, clears my head and helps me shift a funk if I feel one coming on.
  4. Breathing…because my life depends on it – yep good old fashioned belly breathing as many times a day as I can think to remember to stop and do it. I have even set an alarm on my phone to remind me!

Over to you beautiful girl!

Have you stopped to think about doing less and being more? Being more present, more mindful, more conscious in your thoughts, reactions and decisions each day? How do you bring more ‘being’ into your world and life? We would love to hear what your practices are so please do share them on the blog.

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  1. Dear Lucille,

    I shall really miss seeing you when next I come out to Oz. I know you will have a truly marvelous adventure with your family. How great to be able to have quality time with them and I wish you well. lots of love, Carol x

    • Thanks so much Carol! We are certainly all very excited to set forth and find what lies in wait for us!! Best wishes to you for a joyful Christmas and happy and healthy 2015 x

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