Many Paths to Meditation

May 9th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Liska Turner, Tribe Leader


Some meditation is downright boring!

There I have said it. Let the genie out of the box.

The most important word in the first sentence is SOME.

Here we are half way through Mindful in May and some of you might be beginning to wonder if you are going to see the month out.

There is HOPE for you.

You see if you think meditation is boring then you have just not found the practice that is right for you.

I am a veteran of meditation. Let’s rephrase that I am a veteran of a weekly meditation. I have been part of a weekly Christian Meditation circle for the past 5 years. While many people are not familiar with the meditation traditions within the Christian community the practice has a long history within the Church.

It shares a similarity with the Eastern meditation practices, namely sitting in silence repeating a mantra for a period of time on a daily basis.

I have found this so hard to do that is had become a little joke amongst our meditation circle my inability to meditate at home.

Then last year I read the book with the incongruous title of  “How to Break the Habit of Being Yourself and Lose your Mind in the Process” by Dr Joe Dispanszo. The contents of the book intrigued me and so I downloaded the meditation guide and finally discovered my meditation home.

A guided mediation set to music that resonated with my soul.

What an irony.  I am a person who loves silence. I read and work in silence. I find noise really distracting and yet I could not meditate in silence.

I found that a guided meditation set to music effectively silenced those noisy neighbours in my head. So quite by accident I now I get to reap benefits of a regular meditation practice too.

If you are struggling I really encourage you to experiment. I have listed some different styles of meditation that may wish to explore below:

Silence with a mantra

A guided meditation with no music *

A guided meditation with music *

Lying down

Sitting on a chair with your back supported

A walking meditation

A finger meditation

Walking the labyrinth

* Note you might need to listen to a few different ones until you find a voice and music that resonates with you. I know I find some voices boring.

Persist with your practice and you will be well rewarded.

Liska x

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