It’s time to take on my inner Brat.

July 17th, 2015 | no comments

Inner Brat

Written by Kate Gratwicke.

There are a few things right now that I am trying to change.

Very common things – like the way I eat and feed my family and how much exercise I incorporate into my weekly schedule.

Changes that are part of a very strong desire I have to feel more vibrant (one of my core desired feelings, for those that are familiar with the Desire Mapping process by Danielle LaPorte).

As I ready myself for change, my heart is hopeful that THIS time change for me will be like a graceful dance, where I may have the occasional stumble but through tenacity and core strength I will turn and glide myself into a delightful new set of habits.

Yeah, right!  Dream on sister.

Forget the waltz … or even a passionate tango.  My relationship with change is much more like a stroppy tap dance with a stubborn teenager, aka, my inner brat.

Let me explain.

A while ago I came across a really interesting article by the Handel Group (read here).  In the article the Handel Group has identified two personas most of us experience when it comes to change.  They call them the Chicken and the Brat.

The Chicken is ruled by fear and is designed to keep you safe and avoiding change at all costs. It stops you having that difficult conversation or taking that risk in starting something new.   It helps you rationalise why you shouldn’t do something new – it feels like a friend but the reality is it stops you going after what you really want.

The Brat on the other hand is that destructive part of your inner child that constantly kicks and screams against reason to make sure it gets what it wants.  It’s a master manipulator that undermines that little bit of willpower with its constant rant of “you don’t have to do this”, “forget eating healthy … you deserve to eat that pizza” and the best one of all “why bother, what’s the point, this isn’t going to work anyway!!”

I am definitely more Brat than Chicken when it comes to embarking on change and it’s a discovery that I am sure my husband will find amusing (we have recently had several conversations about my inner child!)

So as I approach this next round of changes, at least I am now equipped with some insight and understanding about who my opponent is in my inner-battle arena.

I know for sure it won’t be easy and there will be more than a few tantrums and time-outs but I am ready and it is time to let my inner brat know that enough is enough.

I am the adult.  I am in charge (big assertive voice).  And we will do this together.

Wish me luck.

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