It is worth it.

June 30th, 2015 | 2 comments

Copy of Dreams do come true.

Written by Tribe Leader, Lucille Rogers

We were living the dream. At least it was my dream to walk the Cinque Terre in Italy. Full of hope and expectation (as you are about your dreams) we were getting closer.

The station was crowded due to cancelled trains. There was no obvious place to buy the day tickets required. People were getting frustrated. It was hot. The queues were long. Once we were on it, the train was crowded and stinky. I was starting to feel that prickly feeling when things aren’t quite going ‘as you planned’. There was nothing in my ‘script’ that said this was going to be anything less than perfect and straightforward.

The path was steep and narrow. There were plenty of places without handrails that felt more like a rock climb. I wouldn’t exactly call them steps and we were only 20mins into a two-hour walk. The heat was burning and I was breathing hard (way too much pasta on board!).

This wasn’t how it was meant to be! At this point I was starting to both sound and feel like a spoilt brat.

How many times do we have a dream or a goal with a whole set of expectations about how it will all unfold? We have a well thought out and well defined PLAN.

We kept walking – had to! No going back. Still up, still steep and still bloody hot.

I was reevaluating my dream at this point and wondering if I was barking mad to have set out with everyone to do this.

And then…. ‘that moment’ arrived!

‘That moment’, when it all opened up in front of us. The Med, the fourth village behind us and the fifth village ahead of us.


I cried. It was breathtaking beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

At that moment I knew that Mother Nature was telling me to relax. The journey will never be what you expect but the dream is always worth it.

It was then that I laughed as I recalled a #truthbomb from Danielle LaPorte in the last couple of weeks: “do the f***ing work”

In the name of our dreams, when it hurts, when it’s stretching us and we’re questioning why and what we’re doing, we have to keep going and we have to keep believing.

It is worth it. You’re worth it.

I would love to know about journeys you have taken that haven’t been exactly what you expected but it was worth it. Join the conversation in the comments.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Lucille! Your blog is a sobering reminder that the journey will never always be what I expect. Lots of learning around managing my expectations.

  2. It IS about doing the f**king work. My work is currently my book about intimacy. I begin writing last summer and have been through several shift in focus. As I grow the book gross. I’m nowhere near the end of the first draft. But I am working.

    And creating the pleasure in the work is key…just like your view on your trek before the fifth town, Lucille. Since it’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, I’ve put my desk out on the screen porch. And this weekend I’ve created a writing retreat with a friend.

    Sustaining my vision of such a long term dream is both the challenge and the inspiration. But one that has me committed and determined. Thanks for another high five.

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