How gratitude is changing our lives.

July 24th, 2014 | 2 comments

Written by Tribe Leader, Kim Parker

Gratitude KP


I have been practicing daily gratitude for almost three years now. It has become such an important part of my life and subsequently that of my family. As a result, my men (my husband and two boys) and I, are now constantly sharing what we are grateful for, in one way or another.

What I have found remarkable is how gratitude has noticeably changed how we view the world and experience life. When the moments in our lives are overflowing with thankfulness and appreciation, our journeys are so much more meaningful and significant and we are our happiest!

My evening ritual almost always includes a gratitude meditation of some sort and conversation during our car trips or family meals are not complete before everyone has shared their highs and lows for the day and what they are grateful for. It’s such a beautiful way to get the “low down” on what’s happening in the life of your loved ones.

Over the last two weeks, two incidents took place that made me realise just how much gratitude is changing our lives.

I had just a month before, unpacked a brand new pair of stunning black leather boots. They are beautifully handcrafted by disadvantaged Tsonga women in the Limpopo Province of my home country, South Africa. I always struggle to find shoes to fit me and I absolutely love these “Tsonga” boots of mine!

I was out and about in my boots one afternoon and had just finished using a public toilet. As I opened the toilet door to leave, the bottom of the door caught the top of my boot and tore the leather.

As I stood quietly looking at my boot, completely oblivious to everyone around me, the first thing that went through my mind was, “So what! It’s not important.”

Initially I was downright shocked, as my response was totally out of character! I am usually extremely fastidious about my stuff!

Immediately thereafter, while I was questioning my reaction, my mind jumped to the other incident that had taken place the previous afternoon. My youngest son Liam had very nearly, seriously injured his eye on a steel pole while playing outside. I began to realise that the gratitude I was still feeling about Liam being safe and uninjured, was playing a role in how I was reacting to the tearing of my boot. It was putting everything in perspective ….  just when I needed it.

I am so grateful for our awareness of gratitude and how it is changing our lives.

If you are looking for more perspective and joyfulness in your life, I urge you to start living in gratitude.

Kim x

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kim – you are a constant stream of life lessons and I am so blessed to have you as my SISTER x

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