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Hello there gorgeous.  So glad you dropped by.

Come on in and take a look around.  We may just have what you’re looking for.

Let’s start with a question.

Are you stuck wondering how to create MORE in your life … you know more fun, more freedom, more money, more laugh out loud friendships,  …  simply more opportunities to fully express yourself, feel deeply connected, worthy and loved?

If the answer is OMG, YES, then we have a good feeling we can help each other.

At the Best Life Tribe we are in the business of helping women get more of what they want by creating opportunities to lean-in and leverage the power of the tribe.

So what’s a tribe?

For us, it’s a gathering of women who come together both on-line and in person with one core purpose – to help each other take consistent small sweet steps towards living our best lives.

Our Tribe is where we feel safe to speak our truth, feel supported to declare and work on our dreams and recognise the incredible value of leaning-in and leveraging our collective power.

When women fully understand the art of leverage and learn how to lean-into their own wisdom and the power of a tribe – our combined power is enormous.

To lift up ourselves, lift up each other and to have a greater impact in this world.

Join a Tribe

We love gathering with women who:

  • are ready to stop feeling guilty about wanting more and are ready to take action on creating more
  • love collaborating, cheering on and celebrating with other women
  • open to finding new ways of creating more abundance in their lives
  • love to be of service and make a difference in their corner of the world
  • ready to show up as their real selves , warts and all
  • want to laugh out loud and have fun trying new things.



Here are some suggestions on where you can start.

1.   Dive into the FREE ‘My Best Life Declaration’ guide. 

This is the first of many juicy free resources created especially for you.

My Best Life DeclarationThis guide firstly helps you get really clear on what it is you want; and then it helps you create a practise that is all about staying focussed on that vision so you can take daily small sweet steps towards creating the life you want.

This daily practise will also help ensure the Universe knows how to support you.  After all, we all need every bit of help we can get!


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2.   Join the Tribe.  Get connected with your own support crew and release yourself from doing it all on your own.

Regardless of where you feel you are on your journey right now, please know that the Tribe is a safe space for women to connect, share, experiment and expand.

The first step is to simply show up by joining the Tribe.

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This is your best way to firstly practise receiving support and encouragement from the Tribe, as well as get connected to awesome resources.  From here you can see which aspects of our work gets your toes tapping and jumping out of your seat wanting more.

Sign up below … we cannot wait to meet you.


Subscribe here to receive our free guide on clarifying, declaring and owning your best life.


3.   Explore what we have to offer by checking out the WHAT WE DO section of this site.

This is where we will be offering specific programs around personal growth, health and wealth creation and giving women actionable opportunities to go deeper in key areas of their life with a support crew around them.   Please check back for regular updates.

4.   If simply having fun is high on your agenda – then check out the COMMUNITY  section of our site. 

So, many of us have simply forgotten how to play and have fun and this is high on our priority list at the Best Life Tribe.

In order to live bigger, we need to play bigger. 

If you are up for more fun, then definitely check out this section and more importantly get yourself on our list so that you can receive our invites to big girl play dates and adventures.

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5. Come and be social with us on Facebook 

Come and join the conversation over on our Facebook page and connect with other women looking for more heart-centred community.

And of course, please just feel free to grab a cuppa and take your own exploratory tour through our site.

Bottom line, if you like what we are about and something inside you is whispering – yes, oh, yes … then don’t over think it … listen to your heart.

You will gain nothing by being a stranger. 

Get in touch!  You are here for a reason and it’s time we went on this journey together.

Love and best wishes,


 Kate & Lucille


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