Freedom. Possibility. Faith

August 14th, 2014 | 5 comments

Written by Tribe Founder – Lucille Rogers



These words have been lolling around in my head over the last month as I stand back in awe and wonder as I watch our kids digest and process the news that has changed their lives in the last month.

We have been dreaming of spending some significant time in Europe for years. A decent amount of time of be able to spend with family, soak up the experience of being in places where the language is different, the food tastes unbelievable and there is history and wisdom on every corner. More time than just ticking off Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower and coming home shattered. Thing is – it has just never felt like the ‘right’ time to do it.

When is it ever the right time to do the big scary, thrilling & courageous stuff?

A month ago we told the kids we are selling our Sydney based home, planning to spend next year living in Europe and returning to a more coastal life on our return (woot!!!). In essence, we want to learn to live with less and make shared experiences the key thing in our lives vs ‘stuff’.

So many many questions. From so many loving precious people. Some we have the answer to, some we don’t – we’re ok with that. The kids of course had some questions – more about what life will look like when we get back than when we are away! They needed something to feel secure and safe – I get that.

What has blown me away though has been their utter faith in what lies ahead.

Their faith has fuelled my faith.

We had the dream, we saw the possibility, we know how we want to FEEL more….free, open, big, connected, nourished, adventurous – but the kids have the faith and the trust. I get why our kids are our kids now. We are meant to do this.

I am so incredibly grateful for the awakening that started some 4+ years ago in me. An awakening that has taught me how much freedom is important to me. Those insights have also included being open to relearning how to earn from a place of collaboration which has provided a place for possibility to come to life. More on that to comeā€¦.

This is just the beginning of this adventure.

I have no doubt it will be an adventure to places as well as more of my soul.

I totally intend to dig deep into more of what I want more of. What I do know is that right now this is what living my best life looks like. Stepping away from what is reasonable, practical and predictable into an adventure with many unknowns.

An adventure with my most precious family at my side for us to explore and grow together.

Freedom. Possibility. Faith.

What does freedom look like for you? What’s the one small step or action you can take to breathe life into something you want to make possible?

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  1. Wooohooo to you and yours Lucille. Such an exciting adventure for you all. As you know I’m steadily chipping my way to my own little piece of freedom, and it feels so exciting to know I’m on track. x

  2. Gorgeous piece Lucille!! You and your gorgeous family are not setting out to be inspiring … but you are … because you aren’t talking about it, or thinking ‘what if’, but actually living it!!! Enjoy every moment xxx

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