Freedom. A Gift.

September 9th, 2015 | 3 comments

Freedom. A Gift LRWritten by Tribe Leader, Lucille Rogers

If ever there has been a time when I have peeled back what freedom means to me, it’s this year.

It’s my thing. I think about it all day long. I notice where she shows up all the time. She makes me feel big, expanded, creative and divine. I love her and I seek her out. I seek her out because now that I have felt like that, I want to feel like that as many moments of every day as possible.

I have felt freedom beating a path all over Europe this year (of course!) and seeing everything we have. I have never felt so free as sharing all that with our kids. I have also felt freedom sitting on a sun lounger at 2pm on Wednesdays, placing flowers in our place we call home for now, setting beautiful tables to share meals with friends and family. I have felt my freedom standing in the many sacred and holy places all over this ancient continent. I have felt my freedom sitting quietly with my morning lemon water before the rest of the house is up calling in what I want my day to feel like.

My ultimate freedom though has been taking the time to learn what freedom means to me because now I have felt it, I will never forget it and I will always seek it. I knew when we set off that this would not only be a journey to places but a journey to my heart. It has been the gift that keeps on giving because now I see her in everything.

It’s the little things we see and do everyday that have the potential to make our lives rich.

My journey to understanding what freedom means to me started almost six years ago when I started making some radical changes to my thinking about how I wanted to earn an income. I knew for me that showing up to a fixed place at a fixed time didn’t equal freedom. Today I collaborate with some incredible women who are also living in pursuit of their freedom. These women have changed my life. They have given me my wings to go places I would have never imagined possible. Grateful! Together we have learnt that in helping others pursue their freedom, we get to live a life filled with more and more choices. And isn’t choice the ultimate freedom?

None of this would have been possible on my own. This year of discovery has happened because of my precious tribe. We work together and we support each other as we seek out what our individual expressions of what living our best lives looks like. More gratitude.

I love synchronicity and when I saw this in a newsletter from Mama Gena recently, I felt she had written it for me…

“Life works out better, more gracefully, more pleasurably, more successfully for a woman who is in her body, present, alive, and supported. That is an immutable truth. And, maintaining that state is no small task!

The key here is practice. And vigilance. And devotion to your own joy, creativity, and turn on.

Practice, so that when the S#*& hits the fan, you know what to do. You’ve got muscle memory. You’ve got a sisterhood to support you, and a community to keep you accountable to your greatness.” – Mama Gena


Do you know what your freedom feels like? Do you seek her out every day simply because it feels good? What is one small thing can you do today to feel like you are making a choice from a place of freedom? Join us in the comments with what makes you feel alive, expanded and divine xx

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  1. Lucille, thank you for your beautiful blog! Thank you for making your freedom a matter of urgency – we are all learning so much from your journey and your passion for freedom.

  2. Thanks Kim!! Let’s all make our freedom a matter of urgency!! I just know the world will only be a better place if more women are showing up and living with intention and a desire to know what makes them whole and seek that relentlessly xx

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