Four Little Words

April 10th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Liska Turner, Tribe Leader

Liska's Words

Here we are. It’s April and I feel like January was only yesterday. Our babes are tired after an 11 week term and so am I after what feels like interminable school lunches.  School holidays are always a time to check in with my children, get some sand between our toes and just hang out together.

School holidays also serve as a punctuation mark in the busyness of daily life. They are an opportunity to stop and reflect on the three months that have gone before. It feels like not so long ago that it was all about New Year resolutions and goals for 2014.

Being an A type personality I like goals and they always form part of the beginning of my year. But you know I was tired of setting goals and then seeming to run out of puff before the year ran out. Distracted by the unexpected and sometimes the sense that I was doing this alone.

This year has been different.

No more goals.

I chose four words as my guides for the year.

Whenever I feel lost or uncertain or undecided I look to my words for guidance.

Wow! What a difference it has made. I sat down at the beginning of the year with Leonie Dawson’s  Create Your Amazing Life workbook while on holidays and steadily worked my way through it. My family thought I was a little bit crazy. I would  pull up on the sun lounger, get my book and pen out and scribble away for a couple of hours before joining them in the pool. All I know is that I wanted 2014 to count and not be a ‘same, same but different’ version of 2013.

Danielle La Porte writes and talks about Core Desired Feelings. Rather than goals it is how do you want to feel. This was my starting point but you know they felt like adjectives. Describing words rather than doing words and 2014 needed to be about doing.


My four little words are stuck up on a small card on the window frame in front of laptop and desk where I work. So when I sit and day dream looking out the window my eyes can’t help but seem them and read them and gently move me on my way.

What words would you choose?

Thank you for being here.


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