Finding your full stop.

November 13th, 2014 | 6 comments

Written by Tribe Leader, Kim Parker.

full stop.

I struggle to relax and have done so for most of my life…

I really find it difficult to take some time out when I have a “to-do” list as long as my arm.  Funny though, that this always seems to be the case ….

I have known for a long time that I am my own worst enemy, but I reached a turning point when I turned 40 a couple of years ago.

Life truly does begin at 40!

Just after reaching this milestone, I began to consciously re-evaluate how I was choosing to walk through my journey on this beautiful planet.

I started to question why stopping to breathe was so much more laborious than continuing at the frantic pace I had become accustomed to.

I knew deep down that it wasn’t just something that I had to deal with mentally.  My body was hard wired this way too and understanding why was pivotal to making long lasting instrumental changes.

So began my exploration ….

Although it is sometimes scary and confronting, my probing has led to a far deeper understanding of who I am, the choices I have been making and why.  Getting to the bottom of why I find relaxing or slowing down stressful, has been incredibly enlightening and liberating.  It has provided a great deal of insight into the changes I need to make, in the way I choose to live my life.

In essence, I have had to learn to be more present.  I have had to find my “full stop”.

Consciously slowing down, being aware of your breath and connecting with your body is hard work when you are so used to living your life on a treadmill that just won’t switch off!

Be that as it may, it has been so utterly worth it.  My experience has been life altering.  Make no mistake, I have a long way to go, but I do feel that I’m making progress and the changes in my mindset and habits are making a difference to my health and my happiness.  Slowly but surely I am beginning to feel ok with not completing everything on my to-do list before I go to bed.  I now sit for longer after dinner and breathe more often during the day.

Meditation and meditative yoga have become a significant part of my life and it is during these exquisite practices that I find my “full stop”.   Learning to be still is balancing me and keeping me in touch with my heart.

I’m able to rest. I am able to just be.

In this beautiful, crazy thing we call Life, do you ever feel the need to press pause?  Do you often feel like you are holding on with all your might?

Have you ever considered that it doesn’t have to be that way?  Have you found your “full stop” of even just a ‘comma”?

We would love to hear about your journey …..

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6 people have commented
  1. Thank you Kim! I have the same experience and yes am also practicing the art of doing ‘nothing’….occasionally. It feels really good!

    • Thanks Pamela. Glad to hear you are managing to find your full stop. It is definitely something that needs working out – which of course is a bit ironic that we need to work at doing nothing – but in today’s fast paced lifestyle doing nothing actually takes practice. Lovely to see you join the Tribe today as well.

  2. Great piece Kim. Have been holding on with all my might lately and it’s exhausting! Will make a real effort to find my full stop somewhere this weekend. Thank you for this x

  3. Thanks Kim. Your blog struck a chord. This week I was hospitalised after suffering a slight stroke. Thankfully I have no residual deficit, but it has left me evaluating my life and priorities. Taking some time to stop and just ‘be’
    Sounds like a good start.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story Wendy! I imagine that took some courage? Sometimes these curve balls come along to remind us of what we need to know most. Wishing you whole healing! Lucille xx

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