February is the New January

February 3rd, 2014 | no comments

Written by Kate Gratwicke, Founder

Happy NYE Feb

This week, we are celebrating a new year and a new beginning at Best Life Tribe HQ because for all the school mums out there (us included) the ability to focus on new intentions and juicy new projects doesn’t really feel possible or even desirable whilst our munchkins are at home and in full holiday mode in January.

One of our core intentions in creating the Best Life Tribe is to have a business that allows us to fully show up and be present with our families when it counts.  For us that means unapologetically downing work tools; unplugging and knuzzling into the bosom of our families for the whole of the school holidays … right up to the finishing line of their first day of school.

This year we have mostly achieved that sacred goal – 100% unadulterated family fun with just a smidgen of guilt.  We have simply chosen to move all the new year energy traditionally associated with January and reschedule it to February.

So, Happy New Year everyone!  It’s time to make the calendar work for us and our families; to live only by the rules that serve to lift us up and help us shine.   Embrace February as the new January and if like us you are only now getting down to the process of dreaming and designing your new year intentions, know that February is the perfect time for you.   Now is YOUR time to start dancing with your desires and focus on what will light you up this year.  We are creating a beautiful resource to help you get clear on living your best life in 2014, which we look forward to sharing with you soon.

Thanks so much for joining the Tribe in 2013 and we are so looking forward to connecting, sharing, learning and have some fun together in 2014.  Please feel free to forward this email to any of your girlfriends that would love to connect with women who are ready to start playing bigger.  The best way for us all to achieve more is to do it together.

Here’s to a fabulous 2014.

Kate & Lucille x

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