Eat Love Grow FAQ’s

You have some more questions to be sure this program is right for you…see below for the most frequently asked questions….

Who can do this program?

Anyone looking to recalibrate their system and their thinking about nutritious food choices. Anyone wanting to free themselves from carb and/or sugar cravings, enjoy more energy, sleep more soundly, lose weight, enjoy clearer skin and feel more like themselves!

Program participants just have to be over the age of 18 years old and not currently an associate of or preferred customer of our product partner, USANA Health Sciences.

Location doesn’t matter, all of the program content is delivered to your email inbox, and your product box will be delivered to your doorstep. Yay!! (Prices may vary outside Australia – contact us for details on

I am really busy – is this going to fit into my schedule without hassle?

Absolutely! This 5 day program is designed to take the thinking out of food for a few days and give you a break from the stress and guilt so often associated with our food choices. All product is delivered directly to your door and the support and encouragement material directly to your inbox.

For the following 4 weeks, you will be preparing one meal per day for yourself and we will be providing you with low GI recipe ideas for those meals.

Is this program gluten free?

Yes the program can be tailored for gluten free requirements! Please just let us know in the enrolment section of those requirements.

Can men join the program?

Yes of course! Sometimes it is easier to work on something like this with your significant other in the house….and that makes another meal that doesn’t need preparing!

Will I feel hungry on this program?

Unlikely. Even during the first 5 days where you will be replacing your 3 daily meals with shakes, most people find they feel full and satisfied. During that initial period, you will also be provided with 2 healthy snacks per day and you can also have one piece of fruit and raw veggies to snack on. During the following 4 weeks, we will send you some healthy low GI snack and meal ideas.

Do I eat ‘real’ food?

Yes absolutely! You will have one piece of fruit each day and unlimited raw, steamed and roasted veggies!

Is there a detox component on this program?

Yes. The first 5 days of this programme is about clearing your addiction to carbs and sugars that can leave some participants with a headache on day 2 or 3. This indicates that your body is processing the changes you are making – it is always worth pressing through this to experience the energy and clean feeling you will have by the end of that first 5 days.

How do I know what kind of food I should be eating once I am preparing 1 meal per day?

We will be sending you weekly emails with low GI recipe ideas for both meals and snacks. We will also suggest some useful websites to go to for more recipe ideas.

Does it matter which meal I choose to prepare my own food?

No. Lunch or dinner are both fine. However, we find most people choose dinner if they are sitting down to eat with/or cooking for other family members.

What is the refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with the products, they can be returned to our product partner USANA Health Sciences within 30days – no questions asked!

Will I lose weight on this program?

Typically, yes. The first 5 days of this programme is designed first and foremost as a Carb Cleanse to stabilize your blood sugars and metabolic rate as its primary objective. After that, you will be maintaining good habits by choosing healthy low GI food that will help you release weight and feel great!

I work much better when supported – will there be support and encouragement on this program?

Absolutely! Here at Best Life Tribe we are all about encouragement and support and we have found that is exactly what so many women want when they participate in a program like this. We are all about connection and providing a space for participants to connect to each other to learn, grow and share. There is a private Facebook group that you will be invited to join on enrolment.


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