Do you suffer from noisy neighbour syndrome?

April 29th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Beck Horne, Tribe Leader



Are you suffering from noisy neighbour syndrome?

Would you and your family benefit from you being present as your full self?

I’m tired of the noisy neighbours. It’s time they shut the hell up! It’s not that they have loud parties or music on late at night. Rather it’s the constant loud chatter. All day. And at night. Often loudest when I’m trying to go to sleep.

The trouble is these noisy neighbours live in my head. The constant chatter is the sound of the to-do list replaying over and over. A nagging thought like my husband’s GST return which is due and I haven’t started. The spelling quiz at school which we’ve had all holidays to practise and not once has anyone looked at their words. A friend to call. An email to reply to. A bill to pay. All these amount to the noisy neighbours. Vying for airtime in my head.

The round in circles thought patterns become so habitual I don’t even realise I’m doing it. Not really listening when one of the kids is talking to me. The neighbours are busy talking so I tune into them instead of the kids.

I have tried meditating before. I will sit for a minute or two and become so distracted by the chatter I give up and start doing one of the tasks the neighbours has mentioned. It can seem counter-intuitive to sit still for 10 minutes and do nothing when your to-do list is growing as fast as a developing nations’ debt. However sitting and meditating is not doing nothing. A break from the noisy neighbours is what the mind needs to focus, become more productive and rebalance from a place of calm.

My to-do list is never going to get smaller. I can’t change the fact I am always going to have too much to do and not enough time. I can however change how much attention I give to my mind chatter. I can choose to develop the muscle that practises being present in the moment. To be able to mute the noisy neighbours would be freaking amazing!

My loved ones deserve my full attention. They don’t need to be competing with the noisy neighbours. I want my practise of meditation to have a ripple effect on those around me. I am committed to mediating for the month of May. Not only as a gift to myself but also as a gift to my family as a way of being more present with them.

If you have noisy neighbours who need muting, join us for Mindful In May (Best Life Tribe MIM Group) as we commit to a month of learning to sit quietly every day, calm our minds and get present for ourselves and those most precious people in our lives.

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