Delegating To Bliss

March 7th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Lucille Rogers, Founder

Delegating to Bliss

If there is one thing that has the capacity to drain all the goodness out of a fabulous day, it is turning around at 5pm and realising I have nothing organised for dinner – boo!

Not only do I hate that nagging feeling all day but I then really resent the likely necessary trip to the shops to get what I need – always inconvenient around other drop offs & pick ups that are going on! Not only a time suck but clearly a money suck too as I always end up with various other typically unnecessary bits.

OK – so if you’re already a diehard meal planner – awesome!

Bare with me ok! I am just beginning to appreciate the magic in this!

Yes I’ve toyed with this in the past but certainly never been committed week in week out. I’m learning & I’m learning fast.

There is gold in this!

Not only have I sat down over the last few weekends to think about meals for my crew for the week ahead (have always resisted the idea of being ‘too organised’ ha!) but also been very committed to getting the shopping done as well. Without a doubt, some of these changes in my planning and organising have certainly been a result of our daughter heading off to high school and a new level of organisation required about our schedule not just on her part but mine too! Thank you A!

I totally get that meal planning isn’t something new and for those that have been at this for years – snaps to you!

We learn what we learn when we need to learn it right?

The light bulb moment and what I am LOVING is that I am only thinking about food for the week once! Awesome! It’s no longer that mental sap every day in both the ‘thinking’ and the shopping.

Here’s the sweet spot.

I cracked open an exercise book a couple of weeks ago with the kids and had everyone ‘brain dump’ our fave meals. Not only the standard issue spag bol etc but some meals that we know are good for us too.  Filled up a few pages without too much trouble. Happy!

The idea now is that I can OUTSOURCE the meal planning!! Stroke of brilliance! I can now ask anyone in the family to sit down over the weekend with the exercise book and the KiKi K meal planner and fill up the week. We run with a couple of guidelines so everyone knows the scoop – Meatless Mondays & Try It Tuesday’s – have to be trying something new….after that, it’s free reign!

And the last little nugget of gold? A is now cooking Sunday night dinners. Thank you very much!

Bam! In the space of a couple of weeks, I am leveraging my mental space on thinking about meals once for the week only and am actually able to delegate out that thinking, plus am wholly responsible for one less dinner a week! Winning!

What am I doing with the time I have saved I hear you ask? Last Sunday night I curled up on the sofa and talked to my sister for 2hours on the phone while everything went on around me….bliss!

Wishing more bliss for you!

Lucille x

How are you delegating and leveraging at home and what are you doing with the time you have clawed back? We would love to hear how you are leveraging your efforts to get things done! Join the conversation on Facebook!

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