Comparison is the Thief of Joy.

May 22nd, 2014 | no comments

Written by Kate Gyngell, Tribe Leader

Comparison Thief of Joy2

My mother used to regularly remind me of that (comparison stealing my joy) if I fretted about my peers achieving more than me at school or if I felt less socially adept or complained about looking less pretty or uncool next to a friend who wore the latest fashions, make-up, haircut, etc.

I found myself saying the same thing to my youngest the other day and then, not surprisingly, having to explain what I meant!  We ended up talking at length and agreed that the habit of comparing ourselves to others certainly doesn’t stop in childhood.  It’s part of human nature but is unproductive and can cause a shocking loss of self esteem.

Life may sometimes feel like a race, but we all run our own race and are born to be different.

Everyone has different circumstances and different ideas of success and achievement.  Nobody is perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should be afraid to be ourselves and waste our time trying to be like someone else.  Sadly, we often tend to compare our weaknesses with others’ strengths and this can lead to us completely failing to recognise what we are really good at and, worst of all, actually working on someone else’s goals or ideal life rather than fulfilling our own.

It’s time for us to not be afraid to be ourselves.  If we are searching for ways to expand and explore, one of the best things we can do is to seek out and connect with other women who are willing to see the best in us.  This is why Best Life Tribe was created. We believe that if we allow ourselves to shine we give permission for others to do the same.

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