BLT Carb Cleanse Challenge

Carb Cleanse Challenge

Imagine this….stepping into the wholehearted support and encouragement of a group of women who share your deep wish to clean up some of your less than nourishing eating habits, who like you crave more energy that lasts the whole day and who would also love to feel lighter and cleaner!

Imagine no longer!  This group exists! Woohoo!

Here at the Best Life Tribe we recognise that as women we often remain so much more committed to a goal when we are connected in to others who are working on the same goal. We love to be supported, acknowledged for our achievements and importantly held accountable to what we say we’re going to do.

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The Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge is designed to leave you feeling lighter, not only within yourself but lighter from the guilt of making food choices that are not nourishing!  We know how ‘icky’ this feels.

This 5 day program is designed to not only reset your system (your blood sugars and metabolic rate) but to reset your thinking and your habits around not only ‘what’ you eat but ‘how’ you eat your food.

This is less about weight loss (although many do) and more about recalibrating yourself to step forward after the 5 days and make food choices that nourish and sustain you, leaving you feeling cleaner, lighter and with more energy to do more of what you love!

Next 5 day Carb Cleanse Challenge Program, 2015

February 23 – 27, 2015

Registration for this program closes February 16th, 2015

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“The Carb Cleanse Challenge has helped me rethink what I am putting into my body.

I am now making better choices with food, I’m feeling healthier, my skin is great and having been quite an active person, my energy levels feel higher!

The support has been amazing and it’s a great feeling knowing that the caffeine and sugar cravings have gone. An inspiring way to kick start summer!” – Letitia Booth, Sydney

We completely understand what it means to be busy and so have designed the support material for this program to be delivered directly to your inbox – every day of the 5 day cleanse. And because we also understand about support and community and how valuable it is to share your highs and lows, after enrolling in the program we invite you to join our private Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge Facebook group where we all share and encourage each other.

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Bottom line, to reset and cleanse your system and your thinking towards making nourishing food choices and super important – re-learning how to eat.

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  • You’ll learn about the importance of eating regularly and making low GI food choices. Low glycaemic foods are those that have a slow and sustaining energy release rather than the pitch and roll of high glycaemic food choices that typically give us a hit but then we crash only wanting more….a set up for a rollercoaster ride through your day that leaves you feeling out of control and frankly exhausted.
  • You’ll learn what a difference it makes to sit with your meal and eat it in a meaningful, undistracted way….yes this is possible!
  • You’ll learn about the essential role of supplementation in achieving and maintaining optimal health and enjoying energy levels that see you still going strong at 5pm rather than flagging and reaching for ‘something’ and ‘anything’ to keep you going.
  • You’ll learn that veggies will rock your sense of wellbeing more than you have ever experienced before! There is no such thing as too much!
  • You’ll begin to learn about beauty being an inside job….we really are what we eat and it shows!
  • You’ll experience what it feels like to slow down, to chew, to taste your food and to contemplate why you are always in such a rush about this!



  • 5 days of love filled support, encouragement and information delivered directly to your inbox each morning to guide you through the resetting of your system, your thinking and your habits on how you eat.

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  • Because we love things being super easy and uncomplicated we have put together a checklist to get you set up with everything you need the week before.
  • The Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge eGuide jammed with info to help you get set up and focussed on what you want to achieve over the program, what to expect over the 5 days of the program, info on what low GI eating is all about and plenty of other tips & suggestions for life after the Carb Cleanse program!

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A Carb Cleanse KIT That Contains

A variety of scientifically formulated, low GI meal replacement shakes in vanilla, chocolate & strawberry for the 5 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are full of protein, the right carbs and essential fats.

Nutrition snack bars for morning and afternoon tea for the 5 days – again low GI and full of everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Pharmaceutical grade supplements in convenient AM & PM packs for the 5 days including a comprehensive antioxidant and multi mineral to fill the gaps of vital nutrients that we need daily.

This unique formulation is independently rated as the #1 supplement in many places around the world including Australia, NZ, & the US by 3rd party studies and is tested and endorsed by US Consumer Labs.

Access to the Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge private Facebook group where you can connect, share your wisdom, learn from others on their journey to better health and lean in for encouragement and support. Going it alone sucks….connection and community rocks!

Next 5 Day Carb Cleanse Challenge Program

February 23 – 27, 2015

Registration for this program closes February 16th, 2015

Only $108.00

Delivered to your door at no extra cost!

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HOW THE PROGRAM WORKS….what happens when you enrol!

As soon as you register for the Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge you will receive your Carb Cleanse Challenge eGuide. This guide has all the information you need on how the program works including a checklist for what you need to do to prepare for the program the week before, answers to all the frequently asked questions and loads of other great information to support you throughout the program. The eGuide also includes options for after you have completed the 5 day cleanse.

You will receive an invitation to join our Best Life Tribe Carb Cleanse Challenge private Facebook group where you will be able to connect with others to share your insights and lean in for support. Our experience has taught us that in connecting with others who are on the same journey, not only does that create an environment rich in support and encouragement but somewhere safe to lean in and share your struggles but where you can also lift others up.

Once the program starts you will get a love filled email from the Best Life Tribe every day of the program with information, tips and hints, recipe suggestions and oodles of encouragement and support to stick to your goal!

“In spite of my misgivings the 5 day Carb Cleanse program was a pleasant surprise. The shakes were tasty, another BIG surprise and best of all I never felt hungry. I rediscovered how much I love salad greens and vegetables so much so I have gone out to buy a ‘salad’ cookbook. Thanks for the encouragement to give it a go Lucille.”

– Liska Turner, Sydney

Next 5 day Carb Cleanse Challenge Program

February 23 – 27, 2015

Registration for this program closes February 16th, 2015

Only $108.00

Delivered to your door at no extra cost!

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Have we answered all your questions?

If not, there’s every chance your question is in our FAQ’s. If there is anything else we can help with in clarifying if this is the right program for you, drop us a line at