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Gorgeous one.  You are not alone.   We are here to help each other. 

Magic happens when women come together with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to be of service to each other.  Bottom line is we all need a tribe – a place to feel safe, supported and free to explore what living our best life could look like.

The BLT Lifestyle is all about creating opportunities for women to come together around ideas we care about and benefit from the collective wisdom, energy and support of each other.

Check out the resources and links below to help you figure out what it is you want more of in your life and how to connect with others to help you get there.

Ready to go tribal?  We can hear the drums beating ….

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My Best Life Declaration

Are you tired of feeling stuck and unclear about how to create more in your life?

Do you feel like you are going around in circles trying this and trying that, but not really moving forward?

You know that a big, juicy, fulfilling life is yours for the taking, but you just aren’t clear on how to start making it happen.

My Best Life Declaration is a free guide that will help you reconnect to your own wisdom, explore your heart’s cravings and give you a structure to clarify, declare and claim your best life.


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If you are new to the Best Life Tribe, this is a great place to start.

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EAT LOVE GROW.  A one month programme guiding you to EAT healthy, LOVE yourself and GROW your mindset.

Our Eat Love Grow programme is dedicated to 3 important and often challenging concepts:

ELG GraphicEATING healthily

LOVING yourself

GROWING your mindset

In essence, this programme will teach you how to:

-Eliminate cravings

-Identify foods that sabotage weight loss

-Stimulate your metabolism

-Increase your energy levels and improve your digestion

Furthermore, you will discover key mindset strategies for staying on a long term path to loving and supporting yourself.

The entire EAT LOVE GROW programme runs for 5 weeks, the first 5 days of which is a deep cleanse called the Carb Cleanse Challenge.

The 4 weeks that follow will maximise the benefits experienced during the cleanse and lead to the creation and solidification of healthier habits around what foods you choose to eat and how you love and grow yourself.

Best of all… there will be others cheering you on with motivational emails and a private Facebook group.



BIG GIRLS @ PLAY – Play dates for girls that wanna have fun.

bg@p squareHave you forgotten how to play?  Or does time-out for fun and play rarely make it onto your ‘to do’ list?

How would reconnecting with your fun, feminine, curious and more adventurous self benefit your life and your relationships?

What if discovering new experiences and going on new adventures with other curious, playful women was simply a matter of saying YES,  with the planning, organisation and fabulous company all provided for you?


BIG GIRLS @ PLAY are play dates for grown up girls that not only wanna have fun, but also understand that playing is a wonderful way to reduce stress, boost vitality and open your mind to new possibilities.  Currently only in Sydney, we organise monthly group playdates designed to entertain, enrich and expand.


WHAT ABOUT ME (WAM) MEET-UPS – Social gatherings with a purpose.

WAM square

Are you craving time to simply connect with other like-minded women and have a good old girly chat?

Do you sometimes feel like you only ever get to talk about your children, or you partner or work?

Do you simply enjoy exchanging life stories and lessons with other women who are ready to laugh, cry, snort and ah ha with you?

Then join us at our next WAM meet up.


WAM MEET UPS are casual gatherings with a purpose – to create a dedicated social space for us to talk about what’s going on in OUR lives with an emphasis on sharing our truths and our vulnerabilities in an open, supportive and non-judgemental environment.  Whether it is over a glass of bubbly at a lively bar; over a cuppa at high tea; or a on a long relaxing walk – we gather to share our stories, our struggles, our achievements and our desires.

Come and join us (or host a WAM Meet Up where you are) and make new friends.  The emphasis is on simply showing up as the real you, warts and all and taking some time to chat and talk about what is important to you.

Check out the WHAT’S ON page for Dates and Venues.

Interested in hosting a Best Life Tribe WAM Meet Up? Email us at



Danielle LaPorte

Creator of the totally awesome Desire Map Program, Ms Danielle LaPorte is a seductive, poetic and game changing thinker.  She has redefined how we connect with what we deeply want and brings a divine, sexy and rock chick feel to all her lessons and poetic observations on life.

Brene Brown

If you could design your perfect big sister – it would be Brene Brown!  Completely real, down to earth and hugely compassionate, Brene has given us all permission to not only show, but celebrate our real, imperfect selves by putting the power of vulnerability on the map.

Kris Carr

Crazy, sexy Kris Carr is a breath of fresh air when it comes to taking good care of your body and your health.  She has turned her personal struggle with cancer into a crusade to educate, entertain and inspire us on how to live a healthy, happy life.

Dr Libby

Nice to have a local Aussie lass on our list.  Dr Libby is a champion of women’s wellness, challenging us to slow down (Rushing Women’s Syndrome) and become educated about the often less sexy issues that can impact our health – such as digestive and hormonal health.  We are big fans of her lifestyle and also her cook books, Real Food Chef and Real Food Kitchen.

Sarah Jenks

Sarah Jenks is a massive breath of fresh air on the weight loss scene with her revolutionary Live More Weigh Less program and her passion for showing women how to create a body and a life that they love right now.  She combines incredible wisdom with a girls night-in vibe that makes you feel loved up and ready for change all at the same time.



The Organised Housewife

A wonderful site for good old fashioned and practical advice for running a good home.

Daily Love – Mastin Kip

As the masthead simply says ‘A place to Love and be Loved’.

Mind Valley

A digital toolbox for helping you explore, play and release your highest potential plus organisers of an event called Awesomefest   Definitely on the bucket list at BLT HQ!


The Fire Starter Sessions – Danielle La Porte

The Desire Map – Danielle La Porte

Daring Greatly – Brene Brown

I Thought It Was Just Me – Brene Brown

A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson

The Art of Extreme Self-Care – Cheryl Richardson

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

Rushing Women’s Syndrome – Dr Libby Weaver

Accidentally Overweight – Dr Libby Weaver

Mother Daughter Wisdom – Dr Christiane Northrup

Find Your Strongest Life – Marcus Buckingham