Birthday Beginnings

August 11th, 2015 | 1 comment

Birthday Beginnings KPBlog

Written by Tribe Leader, Kim Parker

Birthdays are really special to me. I love celebrating them …. for days! It’s a beautiful opportunity to celebrate Life and I make sure I make the most of it.

This year was no different. My birthday was almost a month ago and as usual the delightful festivities went on for days … it was wonderful!

Typical in celebrating my birthday I usually spend some time reflecting on the past year and what it has meant to me. Again, this year was no different and there was the traditional deep reflection.

What was different though, was that the year gone by has been a particularly challenging one for me. One jam packed with exhausting, intense contrast. Contrast that went on for almost 8 long months!

Now that I am through the other side I am thrilled to share that such contrast has led to immense and exquisite expansion. Expansion in ways I never even dreamed of…

This is what the last year has taught me:

The universe has your back – always.

Connecting to your Source, who you really are, should be your top priority as it leads to alignment.

Feeling good leads to alignment and alignment is everythingit is instrumental in co-creating the life you want.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life & impacts ALL other relationships.

Be mindful of what you put out to the universe – it delivers what you ask for, eventually.

What shows up in your life is usually a reflection of what’s going on inside of you. It is all about YOU.

By discovering the best in yourself you will manifest the best in others.

Negative emotion leads to growth and clarity, welcome it.

You will never ever get it all done – so trust, surrender and let it go.

You have to like solutions enough to experience a problem.

When you are in alignment with the solution, you never regret the problem.

Stop trying and start allowing. Trying comes from a place of resistance. The art of allowing is key in receiving what we ask for.

Effort leads to mediocrity. Alignment leads to leverage.

In celebrating my birthday this year I celebrated new beginnings. The growth that I have experienced has led to incredible change in the way I feel, the way I love, the way I think, the way I parent, the way I build my business, the way I tackle my to-do lists and the way I approach my walk through Life. I feel like I am starting again but on a whole new level.

Wisdom definitely comes with age and we would love to hear about what you have learned in growing older.

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