Are you daring to be more?

June 6th, 2014 | 1 comment

Written by Lucille Rogers, Founder

Dare to be More


‘Dare to be more’….I saw these words written on the side of a bus recently as a tag line for a school.

I was struck by the magnitude of the invitation. In fact, I have been thinking about those words for two weeks now. Noodling over what those words mean to me and why they have stuck with me and frankly got under my skin.

Those words have raised questions like…

  • Do I dare to be more courageous?
  • Do I dare to be more honest?
  • Do I dare to let go?
  • Do I dare to forgive?
  • Do I dare to be more vulnerable?
  • Do I dare to keep believing?

And the biggie of course – do I dare to live a bigger life? Do I dare to live MY best life?

All of these questions ask me to contemplate going to a new place within myself (never easy). To stretch and to be brave because living a bigger life doesn’t always make sense to others around me. However, what I am learning as I continue to trust, believe and grow is that all of this is already within me. I am hard wired as complete and enough…it’s me that gets in the way of me and I just need gentle nudging to continue to peel back the layers. Are you the same?

I also know I simply can’t and wouldn’t be able to do this on my own. I need to know someone has my back.

One of the truest gifts in my life is my tribe. Women who get me, see me, understand me and encourage me to ‘be more’ every day. They hold a space for me to speak honestly, try new stuff, learn and importantly hold me accountable to what I say I’m going to do.  It is in the safety of this space that I can feel the layers peeling away. It is with these women that I feel I can answer the invitation to BE more with a HELL YES!

With daring to be more comes rub. Of course there is. No grit no pearl and all that. And at the times when the rub feels like sandpaper on my skin, those girls, my tribe, are there, listening and nudging and crying and laughing with me. Thank God for them.

Do you need a nudge to dare to be more? I hope some of these suggestions might help you.


Five Ways to Dare to Be More

1)      Declare your intention.

Go on – put it out there!  Go loud and proud on what you dare to be! Share your goals with someone who will lovingly support and encourage you. Think of someone who you can check in with and share your experiences of daring to be more with.

2)      Sign up for that course, class, that thing you have always wanted to do.

Do you have an itch you need to scratch? Is there something out there that you have always wanted to do that would mean playing bigger and stretching your wings? Go do that thing girl!!

3)      Find your support crew…(aka Tribe)

Find those girls to share the journey with. Stepping up and daring to be more isn’t always easy so you need a cheer squad in your pocket. You may sometimes need a soft place to land when you graze your knee but equally you need girls to celebrate your wins with you.

4)      Read ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown.

If you haven’t already read this and have a heart’s desire to find your courage, live more wholeheartedly and dare to be more, this is an essential read. Brene shines the light on all the corners of daring to be more, the good, the hard and the joyous. Brene takes ‘daring greatly’ into the big arenas of our lives: our loves, our working and our parenting and provides the essential practical suggestions for what daring greatly might look and sound like.  This book gave me the language I needed to have some of the conversations I needed to have.

5)      Don’t give up….ever!

Living a bigger life and daring to be more takes courage and a brave heart. Don’t give up…ever! I know it sounds super cheesy to say this but it’s on the other side of being brave, courageous and vulnerable that there is such joy. You deserve to be more and to live your best life!


Where are you daring to be more? Who’s got your back while you peel back your layers? We would love to hear where you are daring to be more or maybe need support or encouragement to be more.

Please do comment below and let us know where in your life you are daring to be more and what you are going to do.

And if you want more support, more growth, more fun and more love, join the Tribe! We would love to meet you and hear how we can support you as you lean in. We’ll have your back.

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