Are you ALL IN?

October 23rd, 2014 | no comments

Kate on safari


Written by Kate Gratwicke, Tribe Founder. 

Having recently returned from an amazing family holiday in Africa where the day consisted of a lot of sitting (in the back of jeeps on Safari) and then a lot of eating (3 course dinners and freshly baked cakes for afternoon tea – yum!) I knew that coming home and back to normal would require me to get back into a new, more committed routine of moving my body and making healthier food choices.

Setting the future intention was easy – yep I can do this and a nice soft focussed image of me successfully making these changes played harmoniously across my imagination.

But alas reality turned out to be somewhat different.

The change that I had desired and dreamt of for myself simply wasn’t happening.


Why is this?

I know I am not the only one that makes promises to me and then all too quickly forgets what those promises are.

I know I am capable of making these changes.

So why aren’t I?

It’s the age old questions of why do we do what we do, when we know what we know and we want what we want?

To be human is to be fallible but like a whiny toddler, I really, really want to be successful in this quest.

And then the answer came to me.   I wasn’t ALL IN.  

I had signed up for the dream and the destination without purchasing my ALL IN, one way ticket to Successville.

So what do I mean by being ALL IN?

For me it simply means being 100% responsible for owning, believing and committing to the intention and hence the outcome.

100% responsible is the key.

Fully owning that is was up to me, and me alone to put all the elements together to make change possible.

Whilst I am rapidly approaching 50, it sometimes surprises me that my inner child still wants someone else to take my hand and share the responsibility of change.

But there’s the pay-off.  If I am not fully responsible, then I also am not fully to blame if things don’t work out.

The scary thing of being truly ALL IN is that you now have no-one else to blame. 

There is no FREE ‘get out of jail’ card you can play as an excuse.

However, on the flip side, the magical thing of being truly ALL IN is that you take control and claim your power and no one, but no one can get in your way.

It is a simple but powerful reframing.

And one that clearly I need to and will do for myself.

So, how about you?

Where in your life are you not ALL IN?

Is it like me with health goals, or maybe with your most important relationship or your work?

If we truly want something to change then we need to claim our own power by taking a full 100% responsibility for that change and being devoted to it.

The magical thing of course is that when we are truly devoted to something, and we fully show up and are ALL IN, things just become easier.

And let’s face it; we could all do with a lot more ease.

So, if something isn’t working for you right now – ask yourself that question: Am I ALL IN? 

If it isn’t working, you probably already know the answer.



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