Are You A Finger Pointer Or A Helper?

February 24th, 2014 | no comments

Written by Kate Gratwicke, Founder

Don't just point the finger

Today I received a rather sarcastic email from my gorgeous hubby that got me thinking.  Instead of each of us pointing the finger at the inadequacies of our loved ones – what if we just rolled up our sleeves and helped instead!  

At the end of January I had declared that the Gratwicke family needed to embark on Operation Clean-up – a kind of colonic irrigation for the house!  Getting rid of all the s**t that was clogging the arteries of our hallways and, much to my shame a whole room that had been earmarked as the kids den.  And today’s email from my virtuous hubby reminded me of that declaration and more precisely the lack of progress on said ‘Operation Clean-up’ nearly a month later.

Halls still peppered with boxes … kids den still unusable … shame, shame, SHAME.

But instead of feeling bad, I reminded hubby that my original email was in fact a cry for HELP and a request that he bring his zone of genius and his Virgoan nature in all things ‘tidy and organised’ to the task at hand.    The reality is my DNA is missing the tidy and sorted gene and i need help more than i need a reminder of my inadequacy in that department.

But this interaction led me to think about where do i point the finger with other people and in particular my children (and hubby) and how could i replace that finger pointing with a bigger act of compassion and help? 

Mmmm … let me think?  The children’s homework …their food choices … how good they are at going to bed on time.  Plenty of finger wagging here.

In fact during almost any interaction with family and friends we can choose to stand away from them and focus on the ways they stuff up or we can choose to stand beside them and ask them how we can help.

So, next time you find yourself stepping up onto that soap box with your pointer finger ready for action – STOP and ask yourself how might you roll up your sleeves and help instead?  You never know when the boot will be on the other foot.

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Kate x

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