About You

Hello you.  How are you?

Is there something inside you calling you … beckoning you to make a change? 

You have a good life… you are grateful … But, you know deep down that you are capable of so much more.

Yet, life is full, in fact regularly overspilling.

There are children to be wiped, packed and kissed off to school.  Kitchens to be tidied up, stacked and re-stocked.  Work to be done.  Hubbies to be hugged, counselled and lovingly reminded.  Tasks to be juggled, organised and checked off.

And all that before you even get to your own stuff!

We are here to remind you that you deserve to be equal first in your life and that means making your dreams, desires and self-nourishment a priority. 

The best way we can be of service to our loved ones is to be happy, healthy and fulfilled ourselves.  And in this crazy world, achieving that requires support … lots and lots of support.

We are here to help you find that support.

Best Life Tribe is an on-line and face-to-face space where women gather to encourage, support and cheer on each other towards living their best lives.

When we learn to stop trying to do it all by ourselves and gather a tribe around us to help us achieve our dreams … so much more is possible.

Circle Hug


If you are ready to stretch your thinking around what’s possible … to let go of having to do it all by yourself.  To let go of perfection (OMG yes), to reconnect with your inner wisdom and to find yourself in the service of others … then you are ready to join the tribe.

And you need to know too … that the tribe needs you.

Best Life Tribe is a wonderful place for women who are:

  • hungry for personal growth and curious about exploring new ways of thinking
  • looking for deeper connection with other women and a safe space to have honest and meaningful conversations
  • ready to start taking responsibility for our health and happiness and want to learn how to put ourselves equal first in our lives
  • up for having more fun – yes, we want to party like its 1999!
  • keen to explore new ways of making money that works in with our family
  • ready to face our fears and  go on new adventures
  • wanting to be of service in a more meaningful way
  • ready to receive and contribute with grace, integrity and authenticity.

If any of those qualities speak to you then the Best Life Tribe is your perfect place to experiment and expand.

Women need each other to fully show up and shine so if you are hard-wired for connection and being of service then we definitely need you.

Sign up below ... we cannot wait to meet you.