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Here at the Best Life Tribe we gather to help each other take small sweet steps towards living our best lives.  It starts with getting clear on what we want more of in our lives and then finding the support, friendship and sisterhood to help us stay true to our hearts’ calling.

When we learn to stop trying to do it all by ourselves and gather a Tribe around us and our dreams … so much more is possible.

As women we are amazing creations.  We have an infinite capacity to love, listen, nurture and share.  And yet too often we lose sight of our own dreams; busy ourselves in caring for others and become disconnected from all we can be.

When we think about embracing change or taking on new projects we are more likely to feel overwhelmed than excited.

We are here to help.

Hi!  We are Kate & Lucille founders of the Best Life Tribe and this was our story for far too long.

We absolutely love being mums, wives and active members of our communities, but we knew we also wanted more.    The harder we individually tried to create more in our lives (training courses, business projects, new diets, etc.) the more we felt overwhelmed, frustrated and inadequate.

There had to be a better way.     And thank goodness there is.

When we gave ourselves permission to stop trying to do it all by ourselves and started leaning into and authentically connecting with each other – a special type of magic occurred.  

You know the OMG, this is fun, let’s hold hands and nail this sucker together, kind of magic.

Kate & Lucille


When we collaborated on our dreams and learnt how to leverage off the wisdom, energy and support of each other and other wise souls around us – amazing stuff happened.   

We found the courage to take big steps forward, we saw people around us changing and thanking us and it felt oh so good.

Us girls are hardwired for connection and community – yet somehow we have swallowed this myth that we have to try and do it all on our own. 

That’s BS and it’s keeping us small – keeping us from moving from overwhelm to overjoyed and from being stuck to being of service.

So that’s why we have created the Best Life Tribe – because we want to give women a space where they can lift up themselves, lift up each other and have a bigger impact in the world.

And when women live their best lives, everyone benefits.

Your time to get more support in living your best life is right now and it starts with taking just one small step.

Sign up below and join the tribe and you will be on your way for doing something wonderful for yourself.

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You are here for a reason.  We cannot wait to meet you.


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