5 tips to reframe your funk

September 10th, 2014 | 2 comments

Written by Tribe Leader – Lucille Rogers

Steps to change a funk

I found myself in a funk of mammoth proportions this last weekend after a less than ideal bunch of stuff went down at home.

Funky town doesn’t come close to describing how I was feeling.

I found myself at the veg market very early Saturday morning with my funk for company. The whole thing was looking like a disaster, me included, after tears shed and not much sleep (picture bed head & puffy eyes).

As I got my trolley to start my shopping, I made a decision to throw my all at everyone I met. Full blast eye contact, beaming smile and positive engagement with everyone I interacted with.

The response was insane! Everyone smiled back, went out of their way to help me and I even received discounts on my purchases.

The lesson for me here was that I made a choice about how I was going to behave and how I was feeling. I made a choice to lift my game and engage when I could have stayed in funky town.

In making that choice, the feedback I received lifted my spirits. I owned that and feel awesome about the shift I made for myself.

We are faced with choices all day long, every minute in fact, yet do we actually stop and pay attention to them?

There’s the obvious tea vs coffee, salad vs sandwich for lunch, where to spend the next holidays that we are all tossing up all the time. How about the choices we don’t even know we’re making?

Our reactions to circumstances, our emotional responses, our choice of thoughts and words….they are all still choices that all have consequences and outcomes.

I read recently about fully committing to and showing up to our choices. Really owning them, taking responsibility for them and then being devoted to them.

This made me stop and think about the choices I don’t necessarily realise I am making and therefore don’t engage with. I am working hard on being present to my choices, aware of them and being more deliberate in making them. Not always easy!

I have also very recently had the privilege of hearing Tony Robbins speak (have to confess to being a tad cynical up front!) and his thoughts on our choices was powerful and compelling.

He challenged us to consider changing the stories we tell ourselves, changing the strategies we plan and most importantly how we can choose to change our state of mind. In essence, his point is that ‘emotion is energy in motion.’ – Tony Robbins, Aug 2014

This stuck. Big time.

So it was with that new thinking up my sleeve that I made the choice to challenge my funk last weekend head on.

How often do you find yourself in a funk and wallow around there for hours, days or weeks?

Check out these 5 suggestions that I hope will help you make choices to shift a funk and leave you FEELING fab:

  • Move. Remember that ‘emotion is energy in motion’. Dance, run, walk, skip, shake it out sister – whatever floats your boat but get moving if you want to feel better.
  • Download in a safe space. Talk to those girls who hear you and hold a space for you to unload.
  • Write. Get your journal out and start noddling what is going on. You might be surprised at what bubbles up.
  • Put some music on. Choose how you want to feel then pick some tunes to match that feeling.
  • Listen to your gut – she always knows. When something ‘feels’ funky – it probably is. Then choose how you decide to feel about the funk.

How do you shake a funk? We would love to hear your story on how and when you have made the choice to shift a funk. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Lucille thank you for sharing this! I was in a deep funk last night … in fact the last few weeks have been pretty funk-ish and your article was perfect timing for me and has resonated so strongly. You have given me food for thought and comfort knowing that I am in control of my emotions, energy and outcome.


  2. Great real life story and excellent words of wisdom. Definitely can relate and your suggestions resonated with me as well. Excellent food for thought, thank you for sharing!

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