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Welcome to the Tribe, a heart-centered community for women who want to live a bigger life and are ready to lean-in and leverage the power of a tribe.

  • “Kate and Lucille are gorgeous, compassionate women who believe passionately in the importance of living our best lives; having the freedom to be our authentic selves and enjoy the success we deserve.  Best Life Tribe’s desire to bring women together to connect, collaborate and learn from each other will have a wonderfully positive impact in the world.”

    Kate Gyngell

  • I have known Kate and Lucille for just over two years and have developed great regard for them both as strong entrepreneurial women. They each have their own style of leadership and in combination cast a wide net able to touch the lives of so many different types of people. I admire their energy and commitment to pursuing their own passion, and in turn enabling others to do the same.

    Rathna Rana

  • Best Life Tribe is a wonderful Platform where we can all meet and share our pearls of wisdom in a comfortable space.  A true inspiration.

    Ali Cromme

  • BLT is an exciting concept that will offer women a support network of likeminded individuals that will enable them to have the courage and belief they can live bigger lives – and the best bit is they don’t have to do it all on their own. I truly believe the ideas, programs, people and immense enthusiasm that are behind BLT will add enormous value in enriching women’s lives – in ways they may not even anticipate at this point.

    Amanda Sully

  • Kate and Lucille’s passion about empowering women to live their best lives is inspiring! I am learning so much from these beautiful, courageous women as they gracefully follow their True North. In founding Best Life Tribe, they have created a community for women that facilitates connection and leverage. Best Life Tribe is a loving space where women are nourished, supported and encouraged to fully show up in their lives. Magical!

    Kim Parker

  • Lucille and Kate bring an abundance of experience as business owners, mothers and rocking women to the Best Life Tribe and in doing so have created a beautiful community of women where the female soul can be nourished, nurtured and encouraged to shine. Their passion, vision and vulnerability has given birth to a community of women inspired to live big and connect with other women who have the same desire to show up as the best version of themselves.

    Beck Horne